Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norwegian Terrorist

- Disguised himself as a policeman to kill 96 people
- Justified it in terms of an anti-immigration Christian white supremacism, which he documented in a 1,500 page manifesto:
- Up-voted reaction to a top google video about the killings:
"I in no way condone this act, it is the wrong way to do things,these people were innocent, but had warped political views, just as the perp had,however this needs to be awake up call to all the governments around the world that are soft on Muslim immigration, it it you that are guilty of creating this crime,you created this idiot,people are fed up with Muslims moving into and taking over their countries, I fear this is just the beginning, war has started, and it is left wing ideology's fault."
- The "anti-bin Laden" whose views are a mirror image of bin Laden's (except that unlike bin Laden he wanted to carry out the murders himself, by his own hand). Easily fits into Samuel P. Huntington's Clash of Civilizations thesis as well as the zero-sum game
- Just a month earlier, a news story reported that Norway's sovereign wealth fund, approx. $500 billion, is the second-largest in the world (after Saudi Arabia?)