Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Otolith Group

Film: Otolith III

Based on the screenplay 'the Alien' by Satyajit Ray

Four figures: the Engineer, the Director, the Journalist, and the Industrialist

The journalist: 'saying why he couldn't, that's what matters'

The Industrialist:
'build, build build'
'make a film for yourself'

Casting passers-by as the figures/characters:
- 'The sense of self-containment is there. He would make a really good director.'

- 'For me, the alien was not a body at all. It was more of a climate, a strange weather.'
- Through the myth of the martian we get a history of exteriority
- 'I need to ask what the nonhuman thinks of us. What do we look like from the alien's perspective?'
-'There is a co-belonging born from the intimate distance of shared solitudes.' We cannot be alone being alone
-'The re-imposition of ancient virtues consists in the re-imposition of terror and fear.' - The Boy who befriends the alien
-'We live in a space of friends' - The Boy
- Cinema takes the side of the image against the honor of the event
-'An idea is only good when it has no power' - Michel Serres
-'Democracy is like happiness-- it is a thing which does not exist, and yet, one day, is no more.'
We believe today that power is not exerted through the people, but that power is a monster which lurks somewhere in a grotto. Every once in a while it eats some children and wreaks havoc. All we can do is write a constitution to try to keep it at bay.
- Cornelius Castoriadis, interviewed by Chris Marker

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