Monday, June 18, 2012

At 1023 Albany Avenue in North Hartford, Connecticut, a large number of community activists have constructed a garden made of rocks transported and placed according to ancient African architectural methods. These 'technologies of the self' were most famously used in the pyramids of ancient Egypt. They require intensive physical, psychological and metaphysical preparation that takes weeks to learn and years to master. With these preparations in effect, an average human being can move a piece of stone that weighs several hundred pounds. The method of creating such superhuman qualities is relatively unknown in the West.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If you're tryna start a 90's blog

Or do something 90's-related, here's a great blog name:

Tamagotchi Sensei

That one's for free!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am grateful for the understanding that gestures matter.

I am grateful for the warmth, wealth and plenitude of the world around me.

I am grateful for the ability to show gratitude, to tell people how much I appreciate the generosity of their being.

I am grateful for opportunity, and the blessed profoundness of curiosity.

I am grateful for loved ones, and the inexpressible bond of love.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ten Gratitudes

  1. Sitting in Union Station in Los Angeles to catch an early morning bus makes me grateful, more than ever, for my sanity.  I am grateful that somehow I've been able to allow myself to transcend the notion that mental illness is purely genetic.
  2. I am grateful that my various influences in 2011 led me to Miles Davis' 15-minute song 'Maiysha.'  Its slow, lilting phrases articulate a feeling in a way that words can't.
  3. I am grateful that more than 20,000 people, mostly but not exclusively in the UK, decided to read the transcript of Paul Gilroy's lecture about the London Riots, because I wish there could have been 20,000 more people in the audience that night.  Thank you to Ian Bone for linking back to me rather than taking the content.
  4. I am grateful that the Amtrak San Joaquin Valley train has wifi.  
  5. I am grateful that even though Amtrak delayed my last trip by fourteen hours and did not compensate any of the passengers, I have the means to use other means of transportation.
  6. I am grateful that people around me believe that 'it takes a village.'  This belief gave me a great array of father and mother figures, and my kinship with cousins and siblings is original and refreshing.
  7. I am grateful that my grandfather, proud Korean Conflict veteran, capitulated in our last visit together and told me that I shouldn't, after all, go to boot camp.  The dangers of emotional imprisonment were too high, he told me, after we watched The Deer Hunter.
  8. I am grateful that my mother owned a beautiful blue wool sweater, and had no second thoughts about giving it to me when I left the States for the UK.
  9. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about the real, life-and-death meanings of recycling and community agriculture through Jamaican culture.  See Life and Debt
  10. I am grateful that the place I come from is exciting and ever-changing.