Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ten Gratitudes

  1. Sitting in Union Station in Los Angeles to catch an early morning bus makes me grateful, more than ever, for my sanity.  I am grateful that somehow I've been able to allow myself to transcend the notion that mental illness is purely genetic.
  2. I am grateful that my various influences in 2011 led me to Miles Davis' 15-minute song 'Maiysha.'  Its slow, lilting phrases articulate a feeling in a way that words can't.
  3. I am grateful that more than 20,000 people, mostly but not exclusively in the UK, decided to read the transcript of Paul Gilroy's lecture about the London Riots, because I wish there could have been 20,000 more people in the audience that night.  Thank you to Ian Bone for linking back to me rather than taking the content.
  4. I am grateful that the Amtrak San Joaquin Valley train has wifi.  
  5. I am grateful that even though Amtrak delayed my last trip by fourteen hours and did not compensate any of the passengers, I have the means to use other means of transportation.
  6. I am grateful that people around me believe that 'it takes a village.'  This belief gave me a great array of father and mother figures, and my kinship with cousins and siblings is original and refreshing.
  7. I am grateful that my grandfather, proud Korean Conflict veteran, capitulated in our last visit together and told me that I shouldn't, after all, go to boot camp.  The dangers of emotional imprisonment were too high, he told me, after we watched The Deer Hunter.
  8. I am grateful that my mother owned a beautiful blue wool sweater, and had no second thoughts about giving it to me when I left the States for the UK.
  9. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about the real, life-and-death meanings of recycling and community agriculture through Jamaican culture.  See Life and Debthttp://vimeo.com/28629006
  10. I am grateful that the place I come from is exciting and ever-changing.