Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Penis Salon

Men, hilariously, often do not realize that their penis size has importance to a woman only insofar as any other physical characteristic has importance, that a large penis will not make or break one's attractiveness. Women repeat this time and time again, but a man can't sleep without knowing that he is a 'big man,' that he is himself big, that he is bigger and more capable of damage than the others. Penis enlargement, like so many other monuments of dysfunction and shame, is a growing industry, analogous in kind to female beauty products: a technique of the self, of self-stylization predicated on the excuse of a social exterior that actually cares. Maybe one day soon there will be penis enlargement parlors, or webcommunities about penis size will become vastly more common, as the straight man's obsession with his own body grows to mirror his female counterpart's.

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